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Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum 1 Week Blue Cruise Program

Blue Cruise Details

Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum 1 Week Blue Cruise Program


Bodrum, one of the port cities of Muğla, is one of the popular holiday areas of our country. Bodrum, which is called "Caria – Halicarnassus", is known for the Mausoleum of Mausolus. Bodrum Castle, built in the 15th century, overlooks the harbor and the Underwater Archaeology Museum is located in the castle. It hosts many festivals every month of the year. This mentioned blue cruise takes you on a relaxing journey in Bodrum's beautiful turquoise sea, starting from Bodrum, one of the favorite mansions of holiday lovers. In the bays of unique beauty, you can find opportunities to swim, sunbathe, relax or explore. After a 7-day journey, the boat holiday ends in Bodrum.

Day 1 – Bodrum

Bodrum Peninsula, which is full of unique beauties everywhere, is a suitable starting point for blue cruise. Drawing attention with its historical, natural and touristic beauties, Bodrum is one of the favorite spots of holiday lovers with its friendly people, blue sky and abundant sun. The fact that the natural texture is intact in the villages and living spaces on the coastline ensures that it responds to the expectations of visitors who are in pursuit of natural beauties. After the boat welcome, the crew and captain are met. General information about the trip and the boat is given by the captain. Dinner and overnight stay take place in Bodrum Port. If you wish, you can go ashore and dine in Bodrum's delicious restaurants and explore the center on foot.

Day 2 – Orak Island, Going to Çökertme Bay

After breakfast, head to Orak Island. Orak Island, rich in marine life and famous for its crystal blue waters, is one of the known and frequented bays of the Gökova route. Orak Island, which has no settlement, is located opposite Kargıcık Bay. You can find the opportunity to swim in the deep blue waters of Orak Island with the view of olive trees. After lunch, anchor is taken towards Çökertme Bay. Settling mentioned in folk songs is known as a convenient stopping place before and after crossing the Gulf of Gökova. Çökertme Bay takes its name from a village it contains. It is a famous bay among boaters because it protects boats from the harmful effects of west-east winds. You can watch the sunset with the view and smell of pine and olive trees on the coastline. In the local restaurants located in the bay, you can eat delicious food. Overnight stays take place here.

Day 3 – Seven Islands, (Küfte / Uzun Liman) , English Harbour

Before breakfast, you will take an early cruise to the Seven Islands. The Seven Islands, located in the southern parts of Tuzla as a secluded bay, are one of the important stops of the blue voyage. Activities such as swimming, snorkeling and fishing take place here. Here you can come ashore and visit Küfre Port or go for a short walk along the shores of Güllük Forest. You can enjoy nature by anchoring in the Long Island, Olive Island and Small Islands. The islands' beaches are generally steep and rocky. On these islands, you can go ashore and take a short walk accompanied by pine forests. Then, we move towards the English Harbour. According to a rumor circulating among the people, British naval ships were hidden in this port during World War II and for this reason it was called the British Harbor. Dinner and overnight stay take place here.

Day 4 – Cleopatra (Cedar) Island, departure to Karacasöğüt

Early in the morning, anchor on Sedir Island. Located 18 km east of Marmaris, Cleopatra Island is famous for its golden sand beach. In the region where the remains of Roman times are found, it is rumored that Cleopatra and Antony entered the sea in the sand brought from Africa. After visiting Sedir Island, we will depart to Karacasöğüt Port for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight stays take place in Karacasöğüt. You can go ashore for dinner in Karacasöğüt, where there are several restaurants. With the first light of the morning, you can take a short walk on the road that continues from the port.

Day 5 – Löngöz Bay, Tuzla Bay

After the completion of the breakfast, we will take a stroll towards LöngözBay. It is one of the most beautiful bays in the Gulf of Gökova. In the bay, where there is wind breeze from all directions, the beauty of nature is felt at the peaks. The favorable wind directions are a bay that is loved and frequently visited by boaters. After the tour completed in LöngözBay, anchor in Tuzla Bay. Dinner and overnight stay are held in Tuzla Bay.

Day 6 – Kargılı Bay, Kissebükü (Alakışla Bükü)

In the early hours of the morning, you go to Kargılı Bay. The northern parts of Kargılı Bay, which is an indispensable bay for all boat tours, have a structure surrounded by mountains. In this bay, a short swimming break and lunch take place with a beautiful view. Then, anchor is laid at Kissebükü. Kissebükü took its name from the word "church" because it carried the remains of Byzantine Monasteries in the region. Places that must be seen among the historical ruins in Kissebükü; Yalıköy is the bay that houses the ruins of Akarca, Çatal, Yazlık, Hamam, Cistern and church. You can go ashore and witness the traces of the past among historical ruins.

Day 7 – Pabuç Burnu, Yalıçiftlik

After the completion of the breakfast, the movement towards Cape Pabuç is started. Lunch is eaten in the bay, the shape of which has a nose-like appearance. Pabuç Burnu, which is located close to Bodrum, is one of the suitable anchorage areas. Five o'clock tea is drunk in Yaliciftlik Bay. When the activities are completed here, you will head to Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight stay. After breakfast in the morning, the blue voyage, where you will accumulate plenty of memories and will stay in your mind for many years, ends.

Day Location Explanation

1 Bodrum In the afternoon (14.00 - 16.00) after the boat entrance and informing, we will depart from Bodrum Harbor.
1 Karaada Our first stop will be Karaada for a swimming break, dinner and overnight stay.

2 Orak Island After breakfast, we will cruise to Orak Island for a swimming break and lunch.
2 smashing Dinner and overnight will be in Çökertme.
3 Yedi Adalar (Küfre & Uzun Liman) After breakfast, we will cruise to the Seven Islands for a swimming break.
3 English Harbor We will anchor in English Harbor for dinner and overnight stay.
4 Cleopatra (Sedir Island) After breakfast, we will sail to Sedir Island for a swimming break and lunch.
4 Karacasöğüt Dinner and overnight will be in Karacasöğüt.
5 Longoz After breakfast, we will cruise to Löngöz Bay for lunch and a swimming break.
5 Kargi Bay We will anchor at Kargı Bay for dinner and overnight stay.
6 Tuzla Bay After breakfast, we will cruise to Tuzla Bay.
6 It's small Dinner and overnight stay will be in Kissebükü.
7 Papuç Nose After breakfast, we will cruise to Pabuç Burnu for a swimming break and lunch.
7 Mansion Farm We will anchor in Yaliciftlik for dinner and overnight stay.
8 Bodrum After breakfast (9.30 – 10.00) we say goodbye to our crew at Bodrum Harbor and leave the boat with unforgettable memories.
16 reviews by.
Jimmy Lam
Jimmy Lam
Perfect experience! Must visit
Jon B
Jon B
My friends and I had such a great day on the boat. The crew was great and the food was very good and fresh (surprisingly one of the better meals we’ve had in Turkey). The boat was beautiful and very comfortable and we really enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear water at all the stops. It was two of ours birthdays and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day. Would very highly recommend.
Vlad Kozyrev
Vlad Kozyrev
Great service
Orabi Dudes
Orabi Dudes
Deniz is a very good communicator and the Yacht was super clean, the food was great and above all we enjoyed the trip so much. I had to change the trip date and Deniz accommodated the change happily.
Yasmine Chraibi
Yasmine Chraibi
Very nice experience in Bodrum with an amazing boat. We had so much fun, service was great, food was good and boat was very clean. I recommend !
Maxim Nevmerzhitskiy
Maxim Nevmerzhitskiy
Very good organization on board. During the trip everything was top notch. There was no cheating with affluence for additional services. Were very satisfied with this company. We hope to return soon with friends. The yacht trip includes non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food. If you want alcoholic drinks, you can buy them in the store, take them from the hotel and purchase them on the yacht! I really enjoyed this trip.
Davide Brucato
Davide Brucato
Top Service, recommended +++

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