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Bodrum Start – Fethiye End – One Way 1 Week Blue Cruise Program

Blue Cruise Details

Bodrum Start – Fethiye End – One Way 1 Week Blue Cruise Program

1.Day – Bodrum, Knidos, Palamutbükü

When you step on the yacht, you will be greeted with a "Welcome Cocktail" in order to be introduced to the captain and yacht personnel and to be informed about the blue cruise. After the cocktail, we will travel to Knidos. You should be ready for a wonderful tour with Aren Yachting charter.

Bodrum, one of Turkey's most distinguished holiday destinations, is a point with ideal conditions for sea voyages on the Aegean coast. We see that Bodrum, which is considered one of the best cruise areas in Europe, awaits its guests with its clean waters, friendly people, deep blue sky and natural beauties. Bodrum, which has become an indispensable part of yacht and boat tours with its suitable anchorage areas, is one of the must-see places with its untouched natural texture and villages.

Bodrum, which is one of the port cities of Muğla and has a serious potential in terms of tourism, is famous for its ancient name "Karya - Halicarnassus" Mausolus Mausoleum. You should definitely see Bodrum Castle, which was built in the 15th century, and attend the festivals. It is a castle where many cultural festivals are held throughout the year. The Underwater Archeology Museum in the castle is also a must-see.

Knidos, which has an important place among the ancient cities detected in Anatolia and is thought to be the most magnificent, is known for its magnificent ruins and unique beauty. At the end of your walk over Knidos towards the port, you will encounter two church ruins made during the Byzantine period. You should enjoy the stroll at this point where you will feel the history to your marrow. The ancient city of Knidos, which has been the subject of archaeological excavations since 1960, is home to the Statue of Demeter. The statue is on display at the British Museum today. Lion statues, which are believed to have protected the port in antiquity, are also relics that adorn museum halls.

After Knidos, action is taken towards Acornbuku.

Acornbuku, which is thought to contain the most beautiful beaches on the Datca peninsula, fascinates people with its natural beauties. With its peace and fresh air, it has an atmosphere where you can get rid of the fatigue of the whole year at once. Acornbuku, which forms the end of the ancient city of Knidos, where fish are quite abundant, whets the appetite of its guests to swim with its crystal clear waters. Acornbuku is a paradise in itself, where you will not be alienated thanks to its warm and friendly people, and you will pass out with its tremendous natural beauty.

Dinner and overnight at Acornbuku.

Day 2 – Inceburun, Datca

Datca, located between the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, is legendary with its beauty. According to legend, it's not the first time we've For the goddess Aphrodite, it refers to Knidos as the most beautiful peninsula city and Datça as the peninsula. Datca, known as the peninsula where Spanish pirates abandoned leprosy patients about 500 years ago, has reportedly cured leprosy patients. A nice walk in the harbor will allow you to relax in all respects.

Day 3 – Bozburun, Bozkale (Loryma)

Bozburun, which has managed to stand out in the areas of sponge works and gulet yacht construction sector, is capable of building the most robust top quality gulet boats. The fact that the leading brands of the sector are working with the masters operating in Bozburun shows that the region is quite developed in this sense. The fact that it is such a branded point in the field of gulet and yacht causes the region to be visited intensively by foreign tourists.

The brokenkale is one of the ancient cities estimated to date back to 10 centuries BC. The grandeur of the castle walls, which stretch in the form of rectangular opposites, will fill your eyes. It is estimated that his name is Bozkale because part of the castle has been destroyed.

Considered a sightseeing area for British navy ships, The Brokenkale is now used as a coastal shipyard. The fact that all yachts in the Aegean Sea are in a position to be monitored demonstrates its strategic importance. Thanks to its narrow port structure and geographical location, it has been used for military purposes for years.

Day 4 – Kadirga Bay, Ekincik Gulf

Kadirga Bay is a nice break area with the feature of being one of the first bays that come to mind in blue tours. After the swimming break, we leave for Ekincik.

Ekincik, which impresses people from start to finish with its breathtaking beauty, is a blessed spot. It's a secluded area where people can listen to their heads. Ekincik, whose nearby beach is nice and quiet, is an ideal base for boat tours and hiking tours. Ekincik, whose view is quite stunning, attracts the pleasure of swimming to the highest levels with its pebble beach, whose natural texture is intact. Ekincik does not have nightlife, where you will have the opportunity to do sports such as banana boating and water skiing. Day and night, it is an area where you can relax more than ever with its calm, peaceful structure. When you go, you must go to Sultaniye Hot Springs. If you have time for hot springs, which are only a few minutes' drive away; you must enter. You should definitely enter, as the hot springs, which are estimated to have been used since roman times, have therapeutic properties. It heals water at a temperature of 40 degrees, known for its properties that relieve neuralgia, rheumatism, skin diseases, liver, spleen and intestinal problems.

Day 5 – Adali Bay, Monastery Bay

Monastery Bay, also referred to as "Cleopatra Bath" or "Sunken Bath Bay", is known for its tectonic coastal formation due to a bath whose remains have been found in the water in the southwest. When the hill part is carefully examined, it is seen that there are channels in the hill that lower the waters of a crater lake that has been active in the past. Monastery Bay, where you will witness the impressiveness of pine trees and carob trees, shows its importance in ancient times with its ancient wall structure and small ruins.

Day 6 – Oludeniz, Gemiler Island

After breakfast, you can take a trip to Oludeniz. Oludeniz, which is expressed as "god-given paradise on earth", knows how to please its guests with its unique view and sea. It has an epic structure with its beauty that creates a magic effect. It promises a unique sunset where you can see shades of green, blue and purple after the sun disappears among the lush pine forests. If you're curious about parachutes; You can jump from the peaks of Babadagi, which has a height of 1975 meters. It is one of the must-see places with breathtaking views. Oludeniz is waiting for you, where you will find much more than touristic facilities, restaurants and shopping malls.

After Oludeniz, you leave for The Island of Ships for dinner and overnight.

Gemiler Island, which allows you to see byzantine ruins from the sea, is a popular destination worldwide. Located in 40 religious buildings, Christian tombs and rock, the church attracts the attention of every local and foreign guest. Gemiler Island, which has a bay that is likened to a crescent and is used as a mooring area, is known for its restaurant that caters to sailors, sailors and yachtsmen.

Day 7 – Citrus Spring, Haystack Bay

Citrus Spring, where citrus trees are abundant, bears the name of a freshwater source. Citrus Spring, which is one of the places frequented by yachtsmen, is branded with carefully prepared gourmet restaurants and local sea delicacies. The village of Kaya, accessible via the beach and clean sea route, is the starting point for a walk in Turunç Spring.

Samanlik Bay, which is 2-3 km away from Fethiye, is one of the bays where a swimming break will be given.

After the break, we move to fethiye for dinner and overnight.

Day 8 – Fethiye

After the completion of breakfast, our tour ends at 10:30.

Fethiye, the natural port city of the Western Mediterranean, is a popular holiday destination with its Lycian towns and unique natural beauties. Oludeniz, which is said to be the most beautiful holiday destination near Turkey, is a suitable starting center for blue cruises. Fethiye, which stands out with its sea, which has a blue tint that resembles green at first glance, is a point that has the most beautiful form of blue tones. Especially towards the sunset hours of the sun, the sunset reveals a beauty that you will not see anywhere else. You need to witness Fethiye, whose beauty and possibilities are too magnificent to fit into words, by going closely. It is worth warning from the beginning that you may feel amazed by the beauty of Fethiye. We are sure that you will not want to leave Fethiye.

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Jimmy Lam
Jimmy Lam
Perfect experience! Must visit
Jon B
Jon B
My friends and I had such a great day on the boat. The crew was great and the food was very good and fresh (surprisingly one of the better meals we’ve had in Turkey). The boat was beautiful and very comfortable and we really enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear water at all the stops. It was two of ours birthdays and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day. Would very highly recommend.
Vlad Kozyrev
Vlad Kozyrev
Great service
Orabi Dudes
Orabi Dudes
Deniz is a very good communicator and the Yacht was super clean, the food was great and above all we enjoyed the trip so much. I had to change the trip date and Deniz accommodated the change happily.
Yasmine Chraibi
Yasmine Chraibi
Very nice experience in Bodrum with an amazing boat. We had so much fun, service was great, food was good and boat was very clean. I recommend !
Maxim Nevmerzhitskiy
Maxim Nevmerzhitskiy
Very good organization on board. During the trip everything was top notch. There was no cheating with affluence for additional services. Were very satisfied with this company. We hope to return soon with friends. The yacht trip includes non-alcoholic drinks and delicious food. If you want alcoholic drinks, you can buy them in the store, take them from the hotel and purchase them on the yacht! I really enjoyed this trip.
Davide Brucato
Davide Brucato
Top Service, recommended +++

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